Will America Collapse?

Saturday, January 23, 2010 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 4:32 PM

America's unquenchable materialistic appetite is the machine that fuels a global economy. Japan's economy would collapse if it were not for the billions of dollars per year gained in trading with America. When America goes into a recession, the world follows. When America's economy is booming, the world's economy strengthens. America devours, yet, is never satisfied and running out of money. 

The more she eats, the hungrier she becomes. As time passes, less goes to paying for food and more is needed to pay for the huge debt she is accumulating. Finally, all of her resources are used up in paying for the interest she owes. America falls crashing to the ground in economic ruin, so suddenly, it sends shock waves throughout the world. She is incapable of paying for her massive imports. Merchant ships sit offshore, heavy laden with cargo, weeping and wailing in horror for Babylon has fallen.

In 1929, America was having an economic explosion. Immigrants were pouring in. There were more jobs than people. Farmers were leaving their fields for factories, making twice the income for half the labor. Women  became welders and such. Politicians confidently portrayed a picture of an endless era of unprecedented prosperity, well that prosperity has ended and the prophets of gloom and doom were ignored as being fanatical crazies. The prosperity does not extend the the average American both  husband and wife have to work just to pay the bills. We are all on a run away train that will eventually crash. There is a saying that "Only The Strong Will Survive" but, in today's world Only The Prepared Will Survive! 

Its time to think about shelter, water and food for you and your family in the events to come. The Prophets spoke of this time we are in and advised everyone to come out of her and head to the mountain top. Make sure you check into owning a Steel Shipping Container for emergency shelter and food storage. They are affordable and easy to modify feel free to read my other posts about them. Take care and good luck ahead!

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