What Happens During an Economic Collapse?

Friday, January 22, 2010 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 2:59 PM

A quick summary, almost all city services fail or function inadequately. Gas, Electricity, Garbage Collection and Police.

      Radical changes arise crime shoots through the roof. Uncollected garbage results in pests. Blackouts disable everything electrical. Food becomes more expensive and sometimes hard to come by.

      Solutions and Preparations
      • Complete change of mentality
      • Physical fitness and weapons to protect yourself and family
      • Food that does not need a fridge, water, or cooking
      • Store as much water as you can

      What ever sort of scenario you are dealing with, services are more than likely to either suffer in quality or disappear all together. Think ahead and analyze possible scenarios and which service should be affected by it in your area. Think about the most likely scenario but also think outside the box. What’s more likely? A tornado? But a terrorist attack isn’t as crazy as you though it would be a few years ago, isn’t it? Also analyze the consequences of those services going down. If there is no power then you need to do something about all that meat you have in the fridge, you can dry it or can it. Think about the supplies you would need for these tasks before you actually need them. You have a complete guide on how to prepare the meat on you computer.


      No one can last too long without water. The urban survivalist may find that the water is of poor quality, in which case he can make good use of a water filter, or that there is no water available at all. When this happens, a large city were millions live will run out of bottled water within minutes and tap water isn’t very good and will need filtration.  

      Water comes before firearms, medicines and even food. Save as much water as you can. Use plastic bottles, refill soda bottles and place them in a cool place, preferably inside a black garbage bag to protect it from sun light. The water will pick some plastic taste after a few months, but water that tastes a little like plastic is far better than no water at all.  Water company's  will reduce their maintenance in order to reduce cost and keep their income in spite of the high prices to pay for supplies and equipment, most of which comes from abroad. As always, the little guy gets to pay for it. Same would go for floods or chemical or biological attacks. Water requires delicate care and it will suffer in one way or another. In this case, when you still have tap water, a quality filter is in order. Estimate that you need a approximately a gallon per person per day. Try to have at least two-four weeks worth of water. More would be preferable.


      Power has always been a problem in a crisis. Without power, days get to be a lot shorter. Once the sun sets there is not much you can do. Candle light and flashlight or Solar Power generators. Crime also increases once the lights go out, so whenever you have to go somewhere in a black out, carry the flashlight on one hand and a handgun on the other. Being in a city without lights will be depressing after a while. Have two or three head LED lights. They are not expensive and are worth their weight in gold. A powerful flashlight is necessary, something like a big Maglite or better yet a SureFire, especially when you have to check your property for intruders.

      At this point we will be in Martial Law and it is to late to make any preparation, you will no longer be free to do so. This is just a quick summary. I'm certain that you can imagine the rest of the picture. This has been planed for some time and its happening right before our eyes but not many can see. Its time to think outside the box and consider the possibility and make your plans now while you can. May God bless you in your preparations!

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