Shipping Container Housing

Thursday, January 21, 2010 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 2:06 PM

These amazing homes can be put together in less than a day. They are already well insulated and come with hard wood floors. These low maintenance homes will also provide protection. More and more underground shelter community's are being put together out of Shipping Containers because of their strength, capabilities to stack, easy to modify and transport, low cost and their is an abundance not to mention the recycling aspect for the environment. Whether you decide to go below or stay above ground These Shipping Container are a great alternative for shelter and food storage.

I know that it is hard to phantom that our lives can change here in America but, it is coming. The food shortage the collapse of our economy, disasters and more governmental control. We are all on a limited time frame to collect what we need to survive. The alternatives that I'm suggesting are working for other people. The Shipping Containers are affordable now but, all that can change as it often does when a item becomes in demand. you can buy your seeds now while they are affordable. The solar energy now while they are affordable, you know the drill don't wait to buy when their is a panic need for them. I have included two more You Tube videos on Shipping Container housing at my Home page just click . Take Care and Have a good day!

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