Economic and Environmental Meltdowns

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Prepare for Economic and Environmental Meltdowns.
For some time now, our reappointed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has been helping to flood the world with trillions of paper dollars, dollars worth less and less almost every day. It’s also boosted select market assets here and around the world as a hedge against a depreciating dollar. Big Ben has NOT saved the U.S. economy or global economy just the opposite.

There’s no disputing the fact Bernanke is an expert. And he’s doing precisely what President Obama appointed him to do. Just as his predecessors did in the 1930s during the Great Depression, he’s deliberately devaluing the dollar to inflate away America’s nightmare of debt.

Like President Obama, Bernanke has been heavily influenced by the policies of President Roosevelt which is probably why Obama reappointed him for a second term. President Roosevelt in 1933 and his Fed Chairman, Eugene Black, devalued the dollar by 72 percent in an effort to inflate the country out of the Depression. And his scheme largely worked and it will work again as the economy bottomed in 1932. Industrial production began to turn back up, and so did the Dow.

The world no longer has a gold standard whenever a third-world country is faced with similar debt problems and a plunging economy, its central bankers fire up the presses and begin printing money like crazy. Bernanke’s been doing the same thing with Obama’s absolute approval. That’s why the international value of the dollar is now hovering just a hair above its record low.

By devaluing the dollar, letting its value fall in international markets without defending it, certain asset prices will be naturally forced higher to compensate for the loss of the dollar’s purchasing power. One main recipient of this devaluation will be gold. Since its price is no longer fixed by the government, it can literally blast off to the moon as the dollar continues its virtual free-fall.

This is why we in America are headed for a economic collapse once again. Investing your money in natural resources are the only way to be spared. Demand for natural resources food and water, oil and energy, raw manufacturing materials and precious metals are enduring. And for good reason the Earth’s 6.5 billion people simply can’t live nor can civilization advance without them!

The supply of natural resources has always been limited. Mother Nature produces only so much and with an exploding global population hinders the supply. Water is one of the most precious natural resources on the planet. Yet each day, more than a billion people are without access to clean, fresh, drinking water. And about two billion people and a third of the world’s population live in countries where drinking water consumption exceeds available supplies. China is investing hundreds of billions of dollars to avert a catastrophe to solve one of the worst water crises in the world and we are soon to follow if changes are not reached.

Invest in your future with Solar Power Solar Power Generator, Clean Water Systems, Food Storage, and a Seed Bank. More and more catastrophes will occur around the world and Natural Resources will be in bigger demand.
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Prepare For Your Spring Garden

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Plants, whether they be acres of peanuts or two tomato plants growing in the back yard, require certain nutrients to be healthy and productive.

Plants take in nutrients through their root systems and sometimes their leaves. These nutrients come from a variety of sources, including soil, fertilizer or manure added to the soil, compost added to the soil, and residues left on the soil. Plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in large quantities, and other nutrients in small quantities.

Nitrogen is a critical part of proteins, which control the metabolic processes required for plant growth. It also plays a key role in photosynthesis. An adequate supply of nitrogen is associated with vigorous vegetative growth and dark-green color of the plant.

Too much nitrogen delays and reduces flowering and fruiting of many plants. Excessive surface nitrogen found in surface water or groundwaters is considered an environmental pollutant.

Phosphorus plays a vital role in plant reproduction. Considered essential to seed formation, this mineral is often found in large quantities in seed and fruit. Adequate phosphorus is characterized by improved crop quality, increased root growth, better flowering and fruit set and earlier crop maturity.

Potassium plays a role in many physiological processes vital to plant growth, from protein synthesis to maintenance of plant water balance. Potassium also helps protect plants from drought and diseases.

Garlic for organic gardening pest control, natural pesticide and insect repellant spray

1. Grind 3 large onions, 1 bunch of garlic and 3 hot peppers. Mix with water and leave overnight in a covered container. In the morning, strain through fine strainer or cheesecloth and add sufficient water to produce approximately one gallon (16 cups) of pesticide. Soak 10-15 diced garlic cloves in a pint (2 cups) of mineral oil for 24 hours. Strain and add to a spray bottle.

2. Soak 3 to 4 ounces of chopped garlic bulbs in 2 tablespoons of mineral oil for one day. Dissolve 1 tsp of fish emulsion in a pint of water and add it to your solution. Stir. Strain liquid and store in a glass container - not metal! Dilute 1 part solution to every 20 parts of water. Kills aphids, mosquitoes, and onion flies. Also I boarder my garden with marigolds and onions to keep away pests and worms.

There are a number of plants that can protect other plants from pests and disease and improve the flavour of certain food plants. Some examples include:

  • Basil planted near tomatoes improves flavor and protects against a variety of pests.
  • Oregano planted near cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber or grape vine repels pests that attack these plants
  • Garlic helps prevent disease in rose canes and raspberry
  • Borage repels pests that attack tomatoes and attracts pollinators to squash, tomatoes and strawberries.
  • Horseradish planted at the corners of a potato patch with beans also planted nearby repels potato beetles
  • Chives planted near apples help to control apple scab.
  • Chives planted near roses reduce the risk of “black spot” and repel aphids.
  • Chives planted near tomatoes and carrots repel pests and improve the flavor of the vegetables
  • Petunias repel pests that attack beans
Its time to get your ground ready for your seeds and seedlings and map out a plan. Growing your own garden can be very rewarding and have many nutritional and financial benefits. Seeds for an Acre. All Natural Fertilizer.
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Milk Does Not Do The Body Good!

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Did you know that many retired FDA officials go to work as special advisers to the pharmaceutical and food industries?

It's true. Federal agencies like the FDA—which were created to protect consumers—often behave like branch offices of companies like Monsanto, which they are supposed to regulate. And when the names and dossiers of the individuals who work with allies in Congress and the White House to oppose food safety measures are revealed, the picture becomes even more sinister. The fact is, it has been widely reported that FDA (Federal Drug Administration), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) officials are frequently rewarded with lucrative jobs at the companies they were regulating.

Milk Is Toxic!
Many of you will already know the truth about these facts - whereas some of you will cringe at what you read. You have been, since birth, been programmed by the dairy industry to believe that you MUST drink your milk daily to insure a healthy bone structure. We will, however, insist the the truth be heard. Not a truth based on advertising dollars, but on concrete medical evidence that milk is directly responsible for osteoporosis, bone fractures, and heart disease.

Cow's milk is species-specific food for calves. It is no more appropriate to drink the milk of cows than it is to drink the milk of other mammals. We do it because we've always done it. It's a "people" thing, and on close inspection, you'll see that all our beliefs about milk are "udder" nonsense. American parents pass this myth on to their children, and misguided nutritionists reinforce it. Actually, milk and other dairy products weaken the bones and accelerate osteoporosis. That's right, consumption of milk causes the very condition it's advertised to prevent.

Here are three reasons kids and milk don't mix. First, milk is the leading cause of iron-deficiency anemia in infants, and, in fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics now discourages giving children milk before their first birthday. Second, it has been shown that milk consumption in childhood contributes to the development of Type-I diabetes. Certain proteins in milk resemble molecules on the beta cells of the pancreas that secrete insulin. In some cases, the immune system makes antibodies to the milk protein that mistakenly attack and destroy the beta cells.

Third, milk allergies are very common in children and cause sinus problems, diarrhea, constipation and fatigue. They are a leading cause of the chronic ear infections that plague up to 40% of all children under the age of six. Milk allergies are also linked to behavior problems in children and to the disturbing rise of childhood asthma. (Milk allergies are equally common in adults and produce similar symptoms.) Even so august an authority on children as the late Dr. Benjamin Spock changed his recommendations in his later years and discouraged giving children milk.

As if milk weren't bad enough already, the chemical giant, Monsanto Company, and the FDA have made it far worse. In 1994 the FDA approved the use of recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST), a genetically engineered hormone from Monsanto that increases milk production in cows by 10-25%. Milk from cows treated with rbST contains elevated levels of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), one of the most powerful growth factors ever identified.

IGF-I occurs naturally in both cows and humans and, in a fluke of nature, is identical between these two species. While IGF-I doesn't cause cancer, it definitely stimulates its growth. Recent studies have found a seven-fold increase in the risk of breast cancer in women with the highest IGF-I levels, and a four-fold increase in prostate cancer in men with the highest levels. Not only does rbST elevate your exposure to these growth factors, it also increases infections of the cow's udders. Therefore, cows treated with rbST are given more antibiotics, so higher traces of these drugs, as well as pus and bacteria from infected udders, are found in their milk.

As you would expect, Monsanto is playing rough. In Florida, they put pressure on a FOX television station, which then fired two award-winning journalists with over 20 years experience for attempting to report on the dark side of bovine growth hormone. These two reporters are now suing the network. Monsanto has vigorously attacked those who simply want to label their dairy product as "hormone free." This whole mess is disgusting. It shouldn't surprise you that all of Europe and Canada have banned this hormone and we are the only major industrial country espousing and using it.

To start with, knock off drinking milk altogether. Instead use soy milk or rice milk for drinking adding to coffee, cereal and cooking. You'll find dairy-free cheeses, ice cream and drinks in your health food store. Or you can make your own soy milk or buy it. I love Protein Soy Milk it is delicious and very easy to make from soy protein beans. Not only is it good tasting the nutritional value is large with all the essential amino acids. Most bodybuilders use it as a supplement to build muscles.

Soy, and most soy-based products, are nutritional powerhouses. Soybeans are the only plant food that has all of the essential amino acids our bodyrequires, making it a complete protein. Soy foods do not have any cholesterol, and most are high in fiber. Soy also has many vitamins, minerals, and phytochemical compounds (like isoflavones) that work together to create numerous health benefits. Research shows that a daily intake of at least 25 grams of soy protein and 30-50 milligrams of isoflavones can improve and safeguard your health. This is the equivalent of 1-2 servings of soy foods a day. Soy's protein enhances the body's ability to retain and better absorb calcium in the bones. While its isoflavones slow bone loss and inhibit bone breakdown, which helps prevent osteoporosis. Most of us have been drinking the wrong milk most of our lives.

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Cultivate Your Health and Independence

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Its better to turn your yard into a vegetable garden and cultivate it than consume store bought, your health depends on it. Today, food grown from our land has a level of toxicity because of artificial chemicals and fertilizers. Due to the extreme demand for food, our soil is being exhausted and depleted of important nutrients essential for healthy living. Years ago, cattle, pigs and chickens ate natural foods and roamed freely, living without stress, and they grew normal prior to being farmed for consumption. Today, because of high demands on the food supply and competitive industries, these animals are held in extremely small cages to prevent any activity, exercise or movement.

These animals eliminate waste in the same area they eat. Instead of their traditional grass or grain diet, they become more obese and eat unnatural foods that contain little or no nutrients unless they are grown Kosher. They are also injected with growth hormones to produce fast growth in limited time and exposed to antibiotics due to the confinement and stressful conditions. Due to this stressful environment, large amounts of harmful cortisol hormones are produced by the animal, which we can also later consume unless grown Kosher.

In addition to our contaminated food supply, over the years, our water supply to some extent has been contaminated. Many people have changed their drinking habits from tap water to bottled and for good reason. The record sales of spring water, water filters, and purifiers in this country have increased dramatically. Our local water contains chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. Also, it has also been reported that we consume mercury and chemical by-products and parasites from industrial plants that seep and run off into our rivers and lakes.

The problem is not just limited to the food we eat, the water we drink its the bombardment of toxins. Clearly, we are dying from disease because of an over abundance of chemicals we ingest from our food, water and other sources that require processing and sanitizing.

To have control over you and your family's health your going to have to make some decisions on how to overcome these global issues. You can spend your money on changing your lifestyle for your health and Independence or you can spend it on Doctors and prescriptions later. More and more people in America are growing their own food and filtering their water with Ionizers to insure their health and well being because Corporate American has failed.

Its All About Money to Them! Their is nothing more satisfying than picking your own fruits and vegetables that you cultivated and drinking healthy water! Prepare now so that you don't have to suffer from disease and illnesses that Corporate America is selling you! You can start by eating Organic or Kosher meats.
Crop seeds All Natural Fertilizer Water Ionizers Portable Ionizer Kosher Grocery

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Start Your Own Mini Orchard Crops

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Delicious Apples, Juicy Pears, Plums and much more.
The seeds have been cultivated into trees and ready to bear fruit. ALL GROWER QUALITY TREES ARE SUPPLIED READY - TO - PLANT APPROXIMATELY 5 FT.TALL. It's unbelievable but true this is a genuine bargain offer that the commercial growers don't want you to find out about. Now you can pick your very own home grown bumper crops of premium variety eating apples, pears and plums direct from your own 'Mini-Orchard' available at a fraction of the cost that you'd expect to pay elsewhere for these commercial grade plants.

The trees come as 5ft tall, ready-to-plant specimens that quickly establish into 6-7ft tall heavy croppers. A 'Secret' root system restricts height, so there's a maximum yield of accessible fruit and no need for ladders or climbing. Also, they need only a small sunny space to thrive in your garden, in pots on a patio or even your balcony. When famine strikes don't be without your favorite fruit.

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Preparation For Disaster

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The End of the World?
Since the beginning of recorded time, people have been making predictions about the end of the world, how and when it will happen. More recently, some doomsday forecasters have focused on the year 2012 because of the ancient Mayan calendar ending and the Galactic alignment. These theorists believe that on December 21, 2012, the Earth will experience cataclysmic disasters ranging from massive earthquakes and tsunamis to nuclear reactor meltdowns, that could be true we wont know for sure until that day but I really don't think the Earth will be destroyed. Their is still to much Prophecy to be fulfilled before that happens

Despite the many theories and religious interpretations, the only thing that’s certain about the end of the world is that no one can know for sure what and when it will happen. And until that day arrives people will no doubt continue to speculate endlessly about when it. I can tell you this, chance always favors the prepared. It doesn't take a scientist to predict the economic crash that soon will occur in America and to prepare for the three and half years of famine and darkness that will fall upon the land. This Prophecy and the rebuilding of the Temple in Israel has yet to be fulfilled before the end of man as we know it.

Gathering emergency supply's, medical kits, water, food, seeds and solar energy and equipment is always a smart action to take to survive any disaster that may occur. You sill have to live a happy normal life as if it will never end. G-d does not want us to live in fear just be prepared. As a Jew we are taught the words in the Torah "Do not fear sudden terror, nor of the destruction of the wicked when it comes." (Proverbs 3:25) and "Contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled; conspire a plot but it will not materialize; for G-d is with us." (Isaiah 8: 10) and "Even to your old age I am with you; even to your hoary years will I sustain you; I have made you, and I will bear you; I will sustain and deliver you." (Isaiah 46:4). You also have to prepare yourselves spiritually so that you may joyfully praise and thank him until the end. Enjoy and Love your Family. Shalom!

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Harnessing the Power of the Sun with Solar Power

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Where are you going to be when the Lights go out? With A Solar Power Generator you will not be in the Dark!
Around the globe, businesses and homeowners are harnessing the power of the earth's most abundant natural resource sunlight to provide energy using solar power. Renewable energy sources are coming more into the mainstream everyday due to dwindling natural resources coupled with the ups and downs of political shenanigans by overseas tyrants and our elected officials. As a population, we need to become as independent as possible and get off the grid in order to continue enjoying a lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to, regardless of what the government does. For this, a solar electrical system that captures the power of the sun and converts it to usable electricity, is the ticket and will pay for itself.

The growing number of appliances we use in our homes leads to high home-energy consumption. With today's electrical prices, it only makes sense to generate do-it-yourself power right from the home itself. There are various methods and systems to gain energy like that; one of the most reliable methods is the solar power generation system.

An ideal solar power solution is using a solar generator that is both portable and efficient. It allows the user to generate solar energy when you need it most, plus it is portable to be taken where it is needed. Solar power generation systems will not only ease your burden of high home-energy cost, you can also enjoy greater independence from the government and utility companies

Solar Powered Backup System Provides Instant Electrical Power In Any Outage Or Disaster. Even Better…Backup Kit Produces An Endless Supply Of Electricity For Free and last for at least 25 Years! There is a waiting list so don't wait any longer!

Global Seed Vault AKA Doomsday Vault

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Emergency Preparedness Start Today!
The Doomsday Seed Vault as the media have nicknamed it, was officially opened on February 26, 2008, to serve as the ultimate safety net for one of the world’s most important natural resources. The world's seed collections are vulnerable to a wide range of threats - civil strife, war, natural catastrophes, and, lack of adequate funding, and equipment failures. Unique varieties of our most important crops are lost whenever any such disaster strikes: securing duplicates of all collections in a global facility provides an insurance policy for the world’s food supply.

The Seed Vault is an answer to the Elites problems. Them having complete control over the worlds population through our food source. When famine and hunger strike for what ever reason people will be willing to give up all even their souls to satisfy their starvation.

The Vault is dug into a mountainside near the village of Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Svalbard is a group of islands nearly a thousand kilometers north of mainland Norway. Remote by any standards, Svalbard’s airport is in fact the northernmost point in the world to be serviced by scheduled flights – usually one lands a day. For nearly four months a year the islands are enveloped in total darkness. Permafrost and thick rock ensure that, even without electricity, the samples remain frozen.

Regarding the funding of the Seed Vault, the Norwegian government funded the construction of the Vault in its entirety (this cost $9 million), and will continue to fund the maintenance of the facility, for an annual cost of circa $150,000. The Global Crop Diversity Trust funds the operation and management of the Seed Vault, as well as the transport of unique seeds from the international collections managed by the CGIAR and from collections in developing countries to the Arctic. This second component - the transport - is possible through the United Nations Foundation, a partnership which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The complete list of all the Trust's funders can be seen here.

This Global Foundation is preparing for something
catastrophic that destroys our crops and food source, and so should we. Seeds will be worth more than gold at that point. Start your seed bank today!

Do You Know About The Moon Bombing?

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The planned October 9, 2009 bombing of the moon by a NASA orbiter that will bomb the moon with a 2-ton kinetic weapon to create a 5 mile wide deep crater as an alleged water-seeking and lunar colonization experiment, is contrary to space law prohibiting environmental modification of celestial bodies.

The NASA moon bombing, a component of the LCROSS mission, may also trigger conflict with known extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon as reported on the moon in witnessed statements by U.S. astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, and in witnessed statements to NSA (National Security Agency) photos and documents regarding an extraterrestrial base on the dark side of the moon. And if this is true shouldn't We The People have The right to know, after all It does affect our lives to wage War on ET/UFO civilizations and are we to believe their propaganda of why they had to Nuke it.

If the true intent of the LCROSS mission moon bombing is a hostile act by NASA against known extraterrestrial civilizations and settlements on the moon, then NASA and by extension the U.S. government are guilty of aggressive war which is the most serious of war crimes under the U.N. Charter and the Geneva Conventions, to which the U.S. is subject. The U.N. Outer Space Treaty, which the U.S. has ratified, requires that The moon and other celestial bodies shall be used by all States Parties to the Treaty exclusively for peaceful purposes. The establishment of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military manoeuvres on celestial bodies shall be forbidden. 98 nations have ratified and 125 nations have signed the U.N. Outer Space Treaty.

Here is a very impressive video with high ranked officials testimony, please take the time out to watch it. More information on the Moon Bombing U.S. astronauts, NASA employees, Soviet scientists, NSA confirm the extraterrestrial presence on the moon

There are confirmed reports of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon, both from U.S. astronauts who have visited the moon, from NASA employees, from Soviet scientists and observers of the NASA moon visits, and from witnessed NSA (National Security Agency) reports on a moon based on the far side of the moon.

Flu Pandemic Bird Swine or Both?

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According to the CDC "Centers For Disease Control and Prevention" pigs can be infected with several viruses at the same time and humans are more subsequent to the virus if ingested the tainted pork.

What is Swine Influenza?
Influenza A viruses are found in many different animals, including ducks, chickens, pigs, whales, horses and seals. Pigs can be infected with both human and avian influenza viruses in addition to swine influenza viruses. Infected pigs get symptoms similar to humans, such as cough, fever and runny nose. Because pigs are susceptible to avian, human and swine influenza viruses, they potentially may be infected with influenza viruses from different species (e.g., ducks and humans) at the same time. If this happens, it is possible for the genes of these viruses to mix and create a new virus. 

This type of major change in the influenza A viruses is known as antigenic shift. Antigenic shift results when a new influenza A subtype to which most people have little or no immune protection infects humans. If this new virus causes illness in people and can be transmitted easily from person to person, an influenza pandemic can occur.

What is Avian Influenza?
According to Dr. Robert O.Young the Avian Influenza is of a bird influence. More specifically, it is an influence of bird waste. The bird consumption industry in Southeast Asia is overcrowded to the point that the chickens are consuming their own waste, producing an over-acidification of the birds and workers that must work in the acidic air and waste. It could be more accurately called Acidic Bird or Chicken Excrement Influenza that is only contagious to those consuming acidic birds, like chicken or breathing chemically altered air from chicken excrement.

Because chickens do not have a urinary tract system, like humans and animals they are more likely to absorb their own acidic urine into their tissues. I guess you could say that's what makes chicken flesh or turkey flesh taste so juicy and why chicken or turkey flesh should never be consumed by humans! 

I can clearly see that the poultry is tainted and I will not be eating any in the future I don't eat pork anyway but, this should open your eyes to what is happening to the food source. The viruses and medications from the poultry and pork are handed down to the consumer and ingested by them, so they are prime candidates for the Flu Virus. It really doesn't take a scientist to figure that out.

SnyderHealth Main 2This is why cleanse and detoxification is vital in boosting your immune system which means having an alkaline system instead of an acidic system to survive the many viruses that will be unleashed on the the public. I do know that if you want to Have or Maintain good health you must have a pH balance of 7.25 or 7.35,  so its all about your acid levels.

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Global Clean Water Crisis

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Jupiter MelodyWhile the amount of freshwater on the planet has remained fairly constant over time—continually recycled through the atmosphere and back into our glass, the population has exploded. This means that every year competition for a clean, supply of water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and sustaining life intensifies.

In much of the developing world wide, clean water is hard to come by and requires laborious work or significant currency to obtain. Water Is Life and needed to survive. Unfortunately, humans have proved to be inefficient water users. (The average hamburger takes 2,400 liters, or 630 gallons, of water to produce, and many water-intensive crops, such as cotton, are grown in arid regions.)

According to the United Nations, water use has grown at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century. By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, this does not include or take into consideration of the effect the Galactic Alignment will have on Earth and our surface. 
The challenge we face now is how to conserve, manage, and distribute the water we have.  Learn where freshwater resources exist; how they are used; and how climate, technology, policy, and people play a role in both creating obstacles and finding solutions. Water purification will be vital in the near future.

environment earth food seeds planet NASA telescope Hubble space 2012 doomsday  project underground shipping container history depopulation devaluation conservation ecosystem economy water

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Potato Famine Pathogen, A Sneaky Genome

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Resistance fighter
Late blight continues to give farmers nightmares, destroying some $6.7 billion of harvest a year. This funguslike microbe causes a fatal crop disease called late blight in potatoes and tomatoes.  Potatoes remain important worldwide, now the fourth largest food crop.

At about 240 megabases, the P. infestans genome dwarfs the 95-megabase genome of P. sojae, which attacks soybeans, and the 65-megabase genome of P. ramorum, which causes sudden oak death, the researchers report. But the late-blight pest doesn’t have extra genes compared with the other two.

Instead, regions of DNA packed tightly with genes alternate in the pest with long stretches of repetitive DNA (once thought to be a kind of “junk”) dotted with only a few genes, the team reports. Within these repetitive stretches lie most of the microbe’s effector genes, which encode proteins that help attack plants. Geneticists already know that long strings of repetitive DNA typically change readily, thus the researchers propose that these nimble regions in P. infestans may help the pathogen keep up in the arms race against plants and farmers.

A potato plant faces a tough adversary in an adaptable microbe that causes late blight. The pathogen adapts quickly to overwhelm pesticides or bred-in plant resistance, and now the newly sequenced genome of the pathogen helps explain the swift adaptability. Attack on the magnified surface of a plant, the funguslike microbe Phytophthora infestans begins its attack. This infection, called late blight, can wipe out a potato or tomato crop within days.

I have a better understanding of why we in America have so many fungal related diseases such as:

  • Candida Fungal Infections or yeast are commonly present in humans, and their growth is normally limited by the human immune system and by other microorganisms, such as bacteria occupying the same locations (niches) in the human body.  Diet has been found to affect rates of symptomatic Candidiases
  • Staphylococcus can cause a wide variety of diseases in humans and other animals through either toxin production or penetration. Staphylococcal toxins are a common cause of food poisoning, as it can grow in improperly-stored food.
I can clearly see the assault on our health and wellness through our food source. Its like we are swimming in warm water and the temperature is turned up gradually until we are fully cooked before we know what is happening. We are what we eat, Genetically Modified Pathogens and Pesticides.

Its time to take control of your health and independence and get back to the basics in life and grow your food and can it. The grocery store will soon be a thing of the past and a very fond memory.

health genetically_modified pesticides earth underground project history farming technology environment plant ecosystem solar-system habitat planets 2012 solar_storms energy food seeds famine
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Solar Storms Devastating Consequences

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The Elites are preparing for a big event and we should to. The most worrying aspect of the Galactic Alignment is the Solar Storms that started in March 2008 and will reach their maximum force in 2012 and continue until Planet X  completely passes in 2014. Solar Storms or Flares have devastating consequences unless equipped with proper shelter and alternate power sources. The most disturbing of all is the fireballs that have entered our atmosphere is making very little News, so you will have to rely on the internet and your B.S. filter to get the latest News on the subject. 

I don't believe the world will end on December 21, 2012 but, something huge is going to happen and people will perish. I believe in the Prophecy of our Divine Creator not the savages of yesterday that were cannibals that sacrificed humans and could not control their own society. We all should focus on preparing for the three and half years of famine.  This fear tactic that the world will end 2012 is 2012 pounds of Bull S!! Our world is changing and we have to change with it to survive it. The Elite will use this event to their advantage.

Here are some events that happened last year that we heard little or nothing about.
  • 03/29/09 Huge fireball/explosion over east coast USA.
  • 10/17/09 Fireball/explosion reported over Namibia.
  • 10/08/09 Asteroid creates massive explosion over Indonesia.
  • 10/18/09 Meteorite hits family car in Canada.
  • 10/27/09 Bright blue fireball reported over Kansas.
  • 11/04/09 Large ice chunks from sky batter Chicago house.
  • 11/06/09 Earth narrowly misses asteroid strike.
  • 11/07/09 Large fireball reported over California.
  • 11/07/09 Huge flash in the sky witnessed in British Columbia
  • 11/17/09 Sonic boom's source over Mississippi still a mystery.
  • 11/18/09 Asteroid creates huge fireball seen in 8 states.
  • 11/19/09 Asteroid streaks across Australia for 15 minutes.
  • 11/21/09 Huge meteor explosion lights up sky in South Africa.
  • 11/26/09 Fireball spotted over west Newbury, Massachusetts.
  • 11/26-27/09 Large fireball reported over Edmonton 2 nights in a row.
  • 11/27/09 Large fireball seen by witness over Miami.
  • 11/30/09 Mysterious explosion rock Ontario.
  • 12/01/09 Sonic boom/tremors in South Carolina not an earthquake.
  • 12/01/09 Sonic boom/tremors reported in the UK.
  • 12/02/09 Large unexplained blast shatters windows in West Virginia.
  • 12/03/09 Sonic boom and rumbling reported in Australia.
  • 12/03/09 Pressure wave shakes up the UK again.
  • 10/13/09 Hundreds in Netherlands-Germany see exploding fireball.
Hardened Structure of Colorado is serving Colorado and the Mid-West with Prefab steel survival shelters. I have also mentioned the steel shipping containers for those on a low budget. Continue to collect your water food, seeds and supplies to last for three and a half years, so you will not have to take the mark of the beast to feed your family and self. I will be posting new sources as they come in to better server you. 

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together all things connected. Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted, worthy to escape all these things, that will come to pass.

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Building with Shipping Containers.

Posted by Zeeda Andrews on Thursday, February 4, 2010 , under | comments ( 0 )

AZ Containers has an idea whose time seems to have arrived is the use of stockpiled shipping containers as modular units for building homes. Because of the balance of trade in the United States, these hefty steel boxes are piling up in ports around the country and posing a storage problem. Several architects and builders are taking advantage of this surplus to recycle the containers.

A container has 8000 lbs of steel which takes 8000 kwh of energy to melt down and make new beams etc...  The process of modifying that entire 8000 lbs of steel into a "higher and better use" only takes 400 kwh of electrical energy (or 5%).  Granted it takes a bit more "muscle" but this is the Value-Cycling which is that next step up from Re-cycling."

Each container measures 8 feet wide by 40 feet long by 9 feet tall. SG Blocks sells the finished structural systems (also called SG Blocks) for $9,000 to $11,000 per unit. The finished units have one or two walls removed and include the necessary support columns and beam enhancements.

Invented more than five decades ago, the modern shipping container is the linchpin in our global distribution network of products. In the containers go toys from China, textiles from India, grain from America, and cars from Germany.

While a number of resourceful people have converted shipping containers into make-shift shelters at the margin of society for years, architects and green designers are also increasingly turning to the strong, cheap boxes as source building blocks.

Shipping containers can be readily modified with a range of creature comforts and can be connected and stacked to create modular, efficient spaces for a fraction of the cost, labor, and resources of more conventional materials.

Discover some of the exciting possibilities of shipping container architecture, from disaster relief shelters to luxury condos, vacation homes, and off-the-grid adventurers. See what makes them green as well as cutting edge.

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