Farmageddon And Seeds Of Doubt

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 2:53 PM

Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating Everyday. We Are What We Eat!!
Genetic engineering is a process whereby genes from one organism are moved into the genome of another organism. In the case of genetically engineered foods, genes from bacteria or other plants or organisms are moved into crop varieties with the assistance of a viral vector. This provides herbicide-tolerance and/or insect resistance to existing domesticated plant varieties. In many cases, biotechnology breaks down natural species boundaries. The genes inserted cannot be removed and thus become released into the environment during the pollination process.

Which Plants are being Genetically Modified?
Soybeans, Cotton, Corn, Rice, Sugar Beets, Canola, and Potatoes are the predominant crop plants being engineered. From 1996-2001 herbicide-tolerant plants (allowing them to withstand the over spray of herbicides) accounted for 77% of genetically modified acreage while the insect-resistant plants accounted for 15%. To date, the bulk of modifications have been performed to reduce labor costs while no plants have been engineered for enhanced nutrition.

Approximately 89% of soybeans grown in the U.S. are genetically modified, along with 80% of cotton and  corn. Nearly 70% of foods in the United States grocery stores contain byproducts of genetically engineered organisms. Nabisco®, Frito-Lay®, Proctor & Gamble, and Kraft® just to name a few food processing companies who are using genetically engineered byproducts. 
Genetically engineered foods should have been tested for safety before being permitted to be sold to the public. A percentage of global acreage should be maintained using conventional and traditional varieties. This is yet another Prophecy unfolding and we gladly pay the price for the poison and disregard the tampering of G-ds DNA every time we purchase it, myself included because we don't have many choices other than growing our own food source saving our children and family from being unhealthy diseased mutants for the evil power mongers. 

iconiconThe Kosher Store. If your food doesn't say Kosher or Organic its not safe to eat. We all need to say NO to GMO! Visit Underground Project 2012 Technology.

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