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Tuesday, February 23, 2010 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 12:26 PM

Its better to turn your yard into a vegetable garden and cultivate it than consume store bought, your health depends on it. Today, food grown from our land has a level of toxicity because of artificial chemicals and fertilizers. Due to the extreme demand for food, our soil is being exhausted and depleted of important nutrients essential for healthy living. Years ago, cattle, pigs and chickens ate natural foods and roamed freely, living without stress, and they grew normal prior to being farmed for consumption. Today, because of high demands on the food supply and competitive industries, these animals are held in extremely small cages to prevent any activity, exercise or movement.

These animals eliminate waste in the same area they eat. Instead of their traditional grass or grain diet, they become more obese and eat unnatural foods that contain little or no nutrients unless they are grown Kosher. They are also injected with growth hormones to produce fast growth in limited time and exposed to antibiotics due to the confinement and stressful conditions. Due to this stressful environment, large amounts of harmful cortisol hormones are produced by the animal, which we can also later consume unless grown Kosher.

In addition to our contaminated food supply, over the years, our water supply to some extent has been contaminated. Many people have changed their drinking habits from tap water to bottled and for good reason. The record sales of spring water, water filters, and purifiers in this country have increased dramatically. Our local water contains chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. Also, it has also been reported that we consume mercury and chemical by-products and parasites from industrial plants that seep and run off into our rivers and lakes.

The problem is not just limited to the food we eat, the water we drink its the bombardment of toxins. Clearly, we are dying from disease because of an over abundance of chemicals we ingest from our food, water and other sources that require processing and sanitizing.

To have control over you and your family's health your going to have to make some decisions on how to overcome these global issues. You can spend your money on changing your lifestyle for your health and Independence or you can spend it on Doctors and prescriptions later. More and more people in America are growing their own food and filtering their water with Ionizers to insure their health and well being because Corporate American has failed.

Its All About Money to Them! Their is nothing more satisfying than picking your own fruits and vegetables that you cultivated and drinking healthy water! Prepare now so that you don't have to suffer from disease and illnesses that Corporate America is selling you! You can start by eating Organic or Kosher meats.
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