Economic and Environmental Meltdowns

Saturday, February 27, 2010 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 7:32 PM

Prepare for Economic and Environmental Meltdowns.
For some time now, our reappointed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has been helping to flood the world with trillions of paper dollars, dollars worth less and less almost every day. It’s also boosted select market assets here and around the world as a hedge against a depreciating dollar. Big Ben has NOT saved the U.S. economy or global economy just the opposite.

There’s no disputing the fact Bernanke is an expert. And he’s doing precisely what President Obama appointed him to do. Just as his predecessors did in the 1930s during the Great Depression, he’s deliberately devaluing the dollar to inflate away America’s nightmare of debt.

Like President Obama, Bernanke has been heavily influenced by the policies of President Roosevelt which is probably why Obama reappointed him for a second term. President Roosevelt in 1933 and his Fed Chairman, Eugene Black, devalued the dollar by 72 percent in an effort to inflate the country out of the Depression. And his scheme largely worked and it will work again as the economy bottomed in 1932. Industrial production began to turn back up, and so did the Dow.

The world no longer has a gold standard whenever a third-world country is faced with similar debt problems and a plunging economy, its central bankers fire up the presses and begin printing money like crazy. Bernanke’s been doing the same thing with Obama’s absolute approval. That’s why the international value of the dollar is now hovering just a hair above its record low.

By devaluing the dollar, letting its value fall in international markets without defending it, certain asset prices will be naturally forced higher to compensate for the loss of the dollar’s purchasing power. One main recipient of this devaluation will be gold. Since its price is no longer fixed by the government, it can literally blast off to the moon as the dollar continues its virtual free-fall.

This is why we in America are headed for a economic collapse once again. Investing your money in natural resources are the only way to be spared. Demand for natural resources food and water, oil and energy, raw manufacturing materials and precious metals are enduring. And for good reason the Earth’s 6.5 billion people simply can’t live nor can civilization advance without them!

The supply of natural resources has always been limited. Mother Nature produces only so much and with an exploding global population hinders the supply. Water is one of the most precious natural resources on the planet. Yet each day, more than a billion people are without access to clean, fresh, drinking water. And about two billion people and a third of the world’s population live in countries where drinking water consumption exceeds available supplies. China is investing hundreds of billions of dollars to avert a catastrophe to solve one of the worst water crises in the world and we are soon to follow if changes are not reached.

Invest in your future with Solar Power Solar Power Generator, Clean Water Systems, Food Storage, and a Seed Bank. More and more catastrophes will occur around the world and Natural Resources will be in bigger demand.
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