Preparation For Disaster

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pbakery12-bakeryProductLogoWith the various types of natural disasters that have taken place in recently, many people have started to realize that they may not be prepared for such events to take place. While no one wants to think it can happen to them, we have all seen the footage of Hurricane Katrina the earthquakes and tsunami's around the world and it was a reality that this type of natural disaster is something that does happen to real people. Even the fires that spread out of control in California remind us of the types of natural disasters that can take place.

It is important to pay close attention to the warnings that hopefully will be broadcast on TV and the internet if a natural disaster is possible. It is unbelievable the number of people that ignore this information. If you are asked to evacuate the area do so as quickly and calmly as you can. Rescue efforts may not be available for those that remain behind. It is a good idea to have a battery powered radio that you can carry with you to continue listening to the instructions as you are traveling.

You should have an emergency supply kit on hand at all times just in case you do happen to be in a location where a natural disaster happens. Bottled water and canned foods can be stored for long periods of time. You want enough for each family member for at least five days.

Should you have to remain on your own for a few days until rescue teams can reach you these items will help you to survive. The food in your refrigerator can spoil if the power goes down which is common after a natural disaster. Make sure you keep medications on hand for those that need them on a regular basis.

If you have small children in the home make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand for them. Stocking up on personal items such as diapers, toilet paper, and toothpaste can help you to stay healthy during a natural disaster. Since you may be without power for several days you will want to have lanterns and flashlights readily available.

A first aid kit with essential items can be useful because you never know when someone will be injured as a result of a natural disaster. Do your best to clean the injury and prevent infection until proper medical care can be received for the individual. Many people worry about their pets during a natural disaster but you may not be able to keep them with you during that time. If possible though store food for them as well so that you won’t be sharing the food you stored for your family with them.

A natural disaster can be very scary for everyone, but especially for children. Make sure that everyone is able to get plenty of rest and that children are allowed to openly share their feelings. Too many parents think it is best not to tell them what is going on but that tends to make them more afraid as they definitely know something is taking place around them.

Hopefully you will never have to experience a natural disaster but it is wise to be prepared. Having the essential items in place that your will need can make the difference between your survival after the event takes place. It is a good idea to practice emergency procedures for natural disasters with your family as well. People in America are preparing food storage for short and long term because a food shortage is predicted in the forecast and would be a disaster.
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USA Solar Pioneers Of A New Frontier

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The American people are true pioneers that made this country what it is today and will rise to the occasion as we trek into a New Frontier of Solar Energy one home at a time. There is a lot of talk in the world today about the energy crisis and about ways that we can contribute to the solution. I don't know about you, but I get overwhelmed and tired when I hear about the nearly endless amount of problems that threaten our environment each day and hearing about global solutions that are aimed at making massive changes but, don't. Instead, the American people are making small changes as individuals that will help our energy crisis since the government plate is full. Here are a few basic methods of alternative energy that a some can afford.

First,  There are many option today to fit ones budget such as a Solar Power Generator that will power the whole house for $3797.00. I cannot tell you how many homes and offices can save money and energy using this method of the sun that is an endless supply of energy. I think we get caught up in all of the scientific terms about energy resourcing that we forget the most true source of alternative energy is ourselves, it is the American way.

iconFor people that can afford other Solar, Hydro, Wind options Real Goods Solar has and abundance of affordable equipment and products to chose from to completely Homestead. In our uncertain time it is essential to have Solar energy. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is leading his state, California in converting as many homes possible.
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Emergency Preparedness In Uncertain Times

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1003-grabngoGreenTotesTips For Emergency Preparation During Severe Climate Changes. Due to global warming if there is such a thing and other factors, such as the Galactic 2012 alignment, the changes in our climate have become drastic. We have seen the devastation of properties and cities and countries. Many lives have also been lost due to earthquakes, tsunami, super typhoons and hurricanes, which caused flooding, and extremely hot weather condition, which caused heat waves. Since we are no longer sure what type of weather will hit our locality, all of us should be prepared for whatever situation certain climate changes and situations would bring.

There is nothing anyone can do when nature decides to leash out its fury. There is no way to stop it so people should brace for the worse and seek shelter. In order to minimize the loss of life, most towns and cities have created emergency plans. Sirens are placed in strategic locations to announce a major evacuation; the emergency broadcast system is in place in the event that power and electricity has been cut off as well as stockpiles of food, water and medicine.

Those who live in the coastal communities will usually be battered by hurricanes. This happens between the months of June until November in the Atlantic and from May to November in the northern Pacific Ocean. When this is first spotted on radar, the forecaster will already inform the public about it. There is no need yet to panic here since the weather conditions may change in the next few hours but if there are no improvements, it is time to activate emergency procedures.

The best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. Don't wait until it is upon you and rush to the supermarket to stock up on food, water and other essentials. Most people are preparing in advance to ensure that the products needed will be on the shelves and are obtainable. These include candles, batteries for the radio and the flashlight as well as fuel for the generator or buy a solar power generator. They have solar power generators now that will power the whole household. All of these things are necessary especially water to prevent dehydration so every possible container must be used including the bathtub. They also make an Atmospheric water generator that will give you a unlimited supple of water from the atmosphere that is pure clean water.

The most important which must never be forgotten is a medical kit. This should have bandages and some antibiotics to be able to treat anyone who is ill or injured until the person can be brought out to a medical facility for better treatment. It is only after assessing the damage that towns and cities can say whether the emergency preparedness procedures that were sent in place were effective or not. One indication that it works is if no casualties are reported. This is because a house or even a building can be repaired but the life of an individual can never be replaced.

The people who live in the household can rehearse the emergency preparedness plan they have made to see if some improvements need to be changed. This is because time is off the essence in order to be safe in this type of crisis. Emergency preparedness is key to ensure the survival of everyone present. People who live through this annually know what to do but those who are moving into the community should learn fast to be able to survive the onslaught of a disaster in their area.
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The Economic Brewing Storm

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Each major new crisis is coming with greater frequency AND breadth
The first major crisis of the 21st Century came with the Tech Wreck of 2000-2002, causing U.S. investors and households losses of $6.5 trillion in their stocks, mutual funds, life insurance and pensions, according to the Fed.

The second major wipeout struck six years later, with the Housing Bust of 2008-2009, causing more than DOUBLE the damage — $15.5 trillion. Now, just ONE year later, we can already see a third big round of losses on the horizon because of the Great Sovereign Debt Crisis. And, unfortunately, this new episode has the potential to cause even deeper wounds — not only to individuals, but to entire nations … not only bringing turmoil to financial markets but also threatening to destabilize governmental institutions.

The signs are everywhere and they’re so clear even the most secretive among our leaders have been forced to admit them: We have reckless stimulus spending. We have shrinking tax revenues. And, we have the greatest explosion of government debt in history. Major euro-zone nations — Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland and others — are now so indebted that some could find it difficult — if not impossible — to make payments on that debt in the weeks and months ahead. Other countries outside the euro zone — the Ukraine and Iceland … Latvia and Lithuania … Pakistan and Dubai … Argentina and Venezuela — are even more likely to default than Greece, according to the latest cost of 5-year insurance contracts (credit default swaps).

ANY kind of default by just ONE of the major nations could trigger a chain reaction of bond market price collapses, ultimately costing investors trillions of dollars.
Interest rates would spike and credit markets, already shaky, could freeze globally.
And the fledgling recovery in the U.S. would be crushed, prompting a potentially vicious double-dip recession.

Right now, in order to help major euro-zone nations avoid default, bailouts are being discussed — even promised — by European leaders. But any such bailouts could be both too little and too late. They would be too LITTLE because they would do nothing for the counties outside the euro zone. And they would be too MUCH because any such bailouts would …

1. Be a blatant violation of the rules upon which the European Monetary Union was founded. Breaking them can only shatter confidence in its bonds and its currency, the euro.

2. Tacitly commit European leaders to bailing other member states.

3. Potentially sink the finances of the “stronger” euro-zone countries that would, in effect, be assuming the bad debt of the weaker ones.

4. Destroy the value of the euro, quite possibly ending its tenure as a world currency.

As a result, euro-zone officials find themselves in a classic lose-lose situation:

If they allow Greece to default, investors will dump sovereign debts in up to a dozen other countries, setting off a chain reaction of bond market collapses in the euro zone, driving the euro deep into the gutter and gold sharply higher.

I they bail Greece out, they will effectively assume a direct or indirect liability for the bad debts of nearly every nation in the euro zone, also driving the euro into the gutter and gold higher. Either way, Either way, you MUST not ignore what’s happening and how it can impact you. If you haven’t done so already.

1. Dump long-term bonds of any color or shape.

2. Except for some very special situations we’ve recommended in our services, reduce your exposure to the stock market dramatically.

3. Maintain a very LARGE cash position, stashed in the safest, most liquid instruments in the world — short-term Treasuries.

4. To help protect yourself against money printing and currency erosion, hold a long-term position in gold.

5. Above all, approach all investments with caution. Do NOT overinvest.

Good luck and God bless!

This investment news is brought to you by Uncommon Wisdom. Uncommon Wisdom is a free daily investment newsletter from Weiss Research analysts offering the latest investing news and financial insights for the stock market, precious metals, natural resources, Asian and South American markets. From time to time, the authors of Uncommon Wisdom Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. also cover other topics they feel can contribute to making you healthy, wealthy and wise. To view archives or subscribe, visit
Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
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US Economic Forecast Looking Grim

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Uncommon Wisdom says it best. Till Debt Do Us Part. Millions, billions, trillions. It is hard to wrap your brain around numbers that big, but I think our politicians don't even bother to try. On February 1, President Obama released his 2010 budget that projects the U.S. deficit to grow to a record $1.56 trillion, an increase over last year's record of $1.4 trillion deficit. One consequence of all that spending is that someone has to buy all the Treasury bonds we keep issuing to finance these trillion dollar deficits. In most cases, the people buying those bonds are Asians.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, China owns $894.8 billion of our Treasury bonds, making it the largest holder of American debt in the world. Japan, by the way, is the second largest holder with $768 billion. The Chinese, however, are losing their appetite for our seemingly endless spending spree and are starting to reduce their holdings of our government debt. In December (the most recent numbers), China cut its portfolio of U.S. government bonds by $34.2 billion. For years, China has steadily increased its bonds holdings so this change is a clear warning signal that China isn't willing to be America's global sugar daddy any more.

The depreciation of the dollar has become an inevitable historical trend," said Zheng Xinli, vice president of China Center for International Economic Exchanges. That's a harsh criticism, but the biggest Chinese cheese of all, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, issued a similar warning: "To be honest, I am definitely a little worried. We have loaned huge amounts of money to the United States, so of course, we have to be concerned. We hope the United States honors its word and ensures the safety of Chinese assets."

Sure, our runaway spending is eroding global confidence in the dollar. But we've been running deficits for years and although the Obama administration has taken government spending to insanely high levels, I think the catalyst behind the change is more political than economic. The Chinese are furious over Obama's decision to sell $6.4 billion worth of arms — Black Hawk helicopters, F-16 fighters, communications equipment and 114 Patriot missiles — to Taiwan. This so enraged the Chinese leaders that a group of high-ranking military officers publicly urged China to dump its U.S. Treasury holdings.

Huang Xueping, a top official at the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, urged the U.S. to "speak and act cautiously" or risk serious damage to the relationship between the two countries. Qin Gang, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, warned that arms sales threaten China's security and said "the people who tied the knot should untie the knot."

Don't wait until a panic hits this country to be self reliant. Its time to go totally green and prepare food storage, water crisis for meltdowns of global apportion.

This investment news is brought to you by Uncommon Wisdom. Uncommon Wisdom is a free daily investment newsletter from Weiss Research analysts offering the latest investing news and financial insights for the stock market, precious metals, natural resources, Asian and South American markets. From time to time, the authors of Uncommon Wisdom also cover other topics they feel can contribute to making you healthy, wealthy and wise. To view archives or subscribe, visit
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Wave of Destruction

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Some scientists believe a mega tsunami could someday devastate the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. It would start from a active volcano called Cumbre Vieja on La Palma, Canary Islands off the coast of west Africa. La Palma is a volcanic ocean island. It is currently the most volcanically active of the Canary Isles. Historical eruptions on the Cumbre Vieja occurred in 1470, 1585, 1646, 1677, 1712, 1949, and 1971.

The 1971 eruption occurred at the southern end of the Cumbre Vieja at the Teneguia vent. The eruption was mainly strombolian in style, lava was also erupted. Such seismic activity did not occur during the 1949 eruption. Residual thermal activity still continues today.

Scientist suggest that failure of the western flank of the Cumbre Vieja if eruption occurred would cause a mega-tsunami and an estimated mass 1.5 x 1015 kg, will catastrophically fail in a massive gravitational landslide and enter the Atlantic Ocean generating a mega-tsunami. The debris will continue to travel as a debris flow, along the ocean floor. Computer modeling indicates that the resulting initial wave may attain a local amplitude (height) in excess of 1,969 ft and an initial peak to peak height that approximates to (1 mi), and travel at about 621 mph per hour (approximately the speed of a jet aircraft), inundating the African coast in about 1 hour, the southern coast of England in about 3.5 hours, and the eastern seaboard of North America in about 6 hours, by which time the initial wave would have subsided into a succession of smaller ones each about (98 ft) to (197 ft) high.

These may surge to several hundred meters in height and several apart but retaining their original speed. The scientist suggest that it could inundate up to (16 mi) inland. This would greatly damage or destroy cities along the entire North American eastern seaboard. The physical damage would take tens if not hundreds years to repair and restore. The economies of the countries affected would likewise take several years to return to the pre-inundation levels. Each year bring more uncertainty about mother nature but one thing is certain if I lived in Miami, New York or anywhere along the coast line I would be moving!
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Time To Wake Up

Media Blackouts Are Controled

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