2012 Super Storms

Sunday, January 31, 2010 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 4:24 PM

We all have less than two years to plan our survival. The 2012 alignment will come sooner than you think. The economic collapse that is predicted will slow or halt preparation, its time to get on-site and dig in. It is getting harder to get updates on the alignment and where Nibiru will fall into place. We still have super and solar storms to worry about that will destroy a majority of everything on the surface, they say.
The best place to be is in high mountains, we will be tormented by these super storms as well as by intense solar radiation. The only way to survive is to live in concrete bunkers or in pits with good shored-up walls or shipping containers buried in the ground. We will probably have to plead forcefully with the authorities in order to get the necessary permits.

In order to withstand the tidal wave we will have to be at least three 2.5 miles above the current sea level. The most important things now are collecting your water, food, seeds and supply's. It is great if you can store them on-site. It will be important to collect how to books, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Some group are collecting essential equipment to start a mini-civilization if 2012 is cataclysmic because of the pole shift, all existing structures and services will be destroyed. There is the strong possibility that most of humanity will also die. I therefore urge you to plan your survival. Do not underestimate what awaits us, because we have quite a lot to do. For instance: Things to collect.

  • The most efficient survival material
  • Essential equipment to start a mini civilization
  • Mountain bikes and motor cycles for the transport
  • Water and Food
  • Seeds of vegetables, grains and rice. Seed-potatoes
  • Unsinkable boats
  • Mini library with books about:
  • Principles of mathematics (algebra, space-geometry, and so on)
  • Elementary physics
  • Elementary chemistry (general and carbon chemistry)
  • Basic electricity
  • Basic electronics
  • Basics of anesthesia, equipment and methods
  • Basics of dentistry and necessary material
  • Biological growing of vegetables and fruit
  • Basics of architecture/building (raw materials to make cement, and so on)
  • The production of paper and ink
  • The production of glass
  • The production of soaps
  • Alloys
  • Plastics
  • Treatment and manufacturing of leather and other natural products
  • Pottery
  • Simple looms and sewing machines
  • Cooling installations
  • The production of bio-diesel for diesel engines
  • The construction of fuel engines
  • The measurement of radioactivity
  • Radio and telephone equipment
  • Wooden abacuses
  • Windmills for the production of electricity
  • Detailed maps of the whole world
  • Maps to locate minerals, oils and so on
  • Accurate mechanical clocks
  • Lenses and corrective optometry for glasses
  • Paints and coatings
  • Welding techniques
  • Blueprint for building boats
  • Musical instruments and library with musical compositions
  • Ammunition powder and explosives
The above-mentioned items are essential; and a new civilization can be re-constructed from them. If you find other important items, you can always bring the corresponding works about them. However, as we can just transport a somewhat restricted quantity, I strongly advise you to restrict yourself to the most essential information. Only in that way can we save our scientific knowledge, and pass it on to our descendants in a distant and insecure future. Visit Underground Project 2012 Technology for other supply's.

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