Genetically Engineered Organism (GMO)

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Say No To GMOs!What does GMO mean? Genetically Modified Organism is the most common usage (though 'manipulated' or even 'mutated' might also be appropriate!) The acronyms GEO (Genetically Engineered Organism) or simply GM or GE are also used. Genetic engineering is a radical new technology that forces genetic information across the protective species barrier in an unnatural way.
Why be concerned? One of many good reasons is that these laboratory-created mutations are unlabeled, virtually untested and on grocery shelves everywhere.
We All Must Say No To GMOs! we need mandatory labeling, long-term independent safety testing, more stringent regulation and full corporate liability for damages resulting from the irresponsible introduction of GMOs to the food supply and environment. This is why we have so many health problems and pharmaceuticals sales are soaring.

If you're just starting to learn about GMOs, you might not know quite where to begin. These links provide an introduction to the issues, players and politics of the GMO controversy. Once you're a little more familiar with the issues, you can search the site or visit the yearly update pages to find additional information.

GMO Basics
GM Food: A Guide for the Confused - Clear answers to common questions about GMOs.
Why GM Free? - All the reasons you need to Say No To GMOs!
Who's Afraid of GMOs? Me! - A thoughtful rebuttal to the 'GMOs will feed the world' argument and more.
The Myths Of Agricultural Biotechnology - Exposing the flawed premises of bio tech in agriculture.
Confronting Contamination - The only way to stop GMO contamination is to stop growing GMOs.

Are GMOs Safe?
State-of-the-Science on the Health Risks of GM Foods (pdf-933kb) - Well-referenced summary of current research.
Monsanto Corn Unfit For Consumption - MON863, approved and on the market, caused serious damage to the liver and kidneys of rats which consumed it during feeding trials. Read the abstract and commentary.
Genetically Modified Soy Affects Posterity - In a recent Russian study, the three-week mortality rate of offspring fed GE-soy was 50%! Does that get your attention?
Scrambling and Gambling with the Genome - The process of genetic engineering is neither predictable nor reliable. Can you say 'Russian roulette'?.
lab animals fed GE and non-GE soyUnraveling the DNA Myth - The basic assumptions of genetic engineering are debunked by Dr. Barry Commoner.
Risks of GM Food - Professor David Schubert of the Salk Institute offers insight and words of caution.
A Deadly Epidemic and the Attempt to Hide its Link to Genetic Engineering - How this happened and why it didn't make the news.
The Virus Hazard - Genetically engineering crops using genetic material from viruses has serious implications that are dismissed by industry and regulatory agencies.
See Scientists Speak and Scientific Studies for more information on the safety of GMOs.

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