Steel Shipping Containers

Monday, January 18, 2010 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 3:23 PM

Steel shipping containers outlive their usefulness as cargo carriers within 5 years, and they used to sit abandoned at shipyards for years. Now, they’re gaining increasing recognition for their durability, adaptability, light weight, low cost and ease of stacking, spurring a recycling trend that has resulted in shipping container sculpture, homes, hotels, museums and now shelters. The possibilities are seemingly endless, as illustrated by these amazing examples of cargo container reuse.

The simple, boxy shape of shipping containers makes them perfect for housing, whether creating a small recycled dwelling out of just one container or stacking multiple containers for a larger home or complex of small living spaces.
These are great example of just how easy it can be to transform a shipping container into a compact, modern, energy-efficient home and all green to. It’s easy to set up and relocate. They are also perfect for use as an office or art studio or just plain food storage. There are literally thousands of ISO containers out there waiting for a family to protect. If you check around you might get one a salvage price. I will work on getting these Links to my site to make it easier for you.

You can slap a door on a used shipping container and call it a house or an office, but it takes a tiny bit more creativity to transform it into art. These shipping container sculptures show just how versatile this corrugated metal really is. Stay tuned I will have more on this topic. Have a great Day!

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