Obama Attempts A Third Term

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 , Posted by Zeeda Andrews at 8:42 AM

REPUBLICAN INSIDER:  by Ulsterman. The mere thought is outrageous. I shiver to think about the destruction of America.RI:  I understand (WHI’s) frustration but I completely and 100% disagree with its basic premise regarding the Clinton hearing this morning.  People cannot expect a red meat fireworks show when the Senate is involved.  It just doesn’t work that way.  That kind of thing might happen very soon in the House, but the Senate has almost always functioned much more low key.  The fact Hillary Clinton was challenged as strongly as she was by certain Senators leads was actually very encouraging and it is my understanding the Hillary people are scrambling to try and avoid headlines being created later during her visit to the House.  
That is a very positive outcome. I see you already posted the Rand Paul video of his remarks to Mrs. Clinton.  How great was that? And when Senator Johnson was able to get her to yell out “What does it matter?” that was one of the more remarkable moments I’ve seen happen in a Senate testimony environment in some time.  That soundbite will come back to hurt her if she chooses to continue her political career. 
The real downside of course is that once again little blame was placed at the feet of Barack Obama and was clearly a main priority for Mrs. Clinton today and so far she is holding up her end of that agreement between herself and the White House.  I really believe that is what is the main reason for WHI’s tone in their update to you this morning and I can’t blame them for that.  I’m just as frustrated.  But maybe some of that will be lessened after the House hearings.

Now there was something (WHI)  mentioned that might have been missed by most of your readers.  It touched on something the media has hinted at, but behind the scenes has a lot of us scrambling to prepare for and that is Barack Obama’s campaign machine being kept in place and even strengthened to not only be used as powerful political leverage for the 2014 midterms and then during and after the 2016 election, but well beyond that time frame as well.  I think the phrase was “community organizing on a global scale”. 

I will confirm that (WHI) is 100% correct about that.    It’s called Organizing for Action and it’s actually bypassing the traditional DNC and its goal, if what I’m told is correct, is to raise hundreds of millions of dollars and utilize “issue bombing” to exert tremendous pressure on politicians to vote as Barack Obama/Valerie Jarrett would want them to vote or face further damaging public relations courtesy of the Organizing for Action machine.  This also means the current Obama team thinks they are capable of choosing Obama’s 2016 successor and make no mistake, that also means then that the same agenda that has so many of us frustrated and fearful now will NOT stop after 2016.  

It really will be the total globalization of the Obama presidency.  He will extend his influence well beyond just eight years in the White House.  Now let that sink in. The possible ramifications of that scenario should scare the heck out of all of us who already recognize just how bad things are going now.

If they pull it off, it would basically mean a way to effectively secure a third term and more for Barack Obama, but on an even more global scale than the traditional role of American president that Obama already feels he’s much too important to be constrained by.

As bad as the 2012 election outcome was, people need to understand they could still get much-much worse.  I’m not about to give up and I hope I can count on you and all the other alternative media and true patriots to help fight back.  You can do better. I can do better.  We all can do better.  I still believe there is a lot more of ”us” than “them”.  We just need to re-organize.   It’s the future and the future is now.

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